• Conducell(20)

    Hamilton Conductivity Sensors

    The Conducell 4UxF sensors are suited for measurements in hygienic applications. All wetted parts are FDA approved, can be cleaned easily and withstand CIP cleanings and autoclavations. The sensors show a very good linearity over a broad measuring range. They are available with different process connections such as BioConnect (BC) or Varivent. The Conducell 4USF with stainless steel electrode is most common and suitable for many applications. The Conducell 4UxF is available with our innovative Arc system. The Arc system eliminates the transmitter and communicates directly with your Process Control System.

    The fully compliant ultra-pure water (UPW) quality measurement sensors from Hamilton. For biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, process safety and quality are highly related to the production of pure and ultra-pure water that meets the Pharmacopeia regulations.

    The Conducell 2DC sensor is constructed in a simple way and is best suited for measurements in clean solutions and non-critical applications. Contaminants, such as lime, will affect the measurement.

    The conducell 4US 4-pole sensor can easily be cleaned and withstands CIP cleanings and autoclavations. The sensor shows a very good linearity over a broad measuring range. Available with different process connections like Triclamp or G 1ΒΌ".

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