• Polilyte Plus ORP(7)

    Hamilton Polilyte Plus; Oxygen-Reduction Potential Sensors; for Demanding Applications in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

    The maintenance free Polilyte Plus ORP sensors are designed to withstand demanding applications in chemical and petrochemical industries. It is also suitable for process water, wastewater treatment and many applications more. Because of its two Single Pores liquid junction problems and total break downs are eliminated. The Polilyte Plus ORP sensors show good measurements accuracy in highly alkaline solutions as well as in samples with low conductivity. Additionally, the Everef-L reference artridge ensures a long lifetime. Measuring the ORP value is getting more and more important in the branches mentioned above. The Polilyte Plus ORP is only available with our innovative Arc system. The Arc system eliminates the transmitter and communicates directly with your Process Control System.

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