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GEMU Globe Valves (3)

It's crucial that manufacturing operators have control over the flow of media across a system. In pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries, liquid flows work to create products including medicines and vaccines that require precise pressure levels for desirable results.

With low pressure loss and high flow rates incorporating globe valves into your manufacturing process could be a viable solution for starting, stopping and regulating material flow. With the help of Sentinel Process Systems, our experts can direct you to a globe valve configuration suitable for your applications. Seamlessly control the flow path of pipelines with one of our GEMU devices.

  • GEMU Type 514

    Standard Features

    1/2in - 3in Pneumatically Operated Angle Seat Globe Valve
  • GEMU Type 550

    Standard Features

    1/4in - 3in Pneumatically Operated Angle Seat Globe Valve
  • GEMU Type 554

    Standard Features

    1/2in - 2-1/2in Pneumatically Operated Angle Seat Globe Valve


What Are Gemu Globe Valves?

Globe valves rely on linear motions to open and close sections of manufacturing systems. These devices regulate pressure levels across equipment through the use of a disc and seat within the valve body. Gemu offers both Straight and Angle Seat Globe Valves.


Straight Seat Globe Valves are preferred in larger diameters and in a 3-Way body design. With a more even distribution of force on the valve spindle, these valves are suited for applications where they are subjected to high stresses due to high flow velocities.


The Angle Seat Globe Valves are light weight, compact in design, and demonstrate high flow rates (Cv Values). Their precision mechanical properties are well suited for high cycle applications, such as dosing and filling. They are typically the first choice for industrial and sterile steam applications.


Sentinel Process Systems focuses on the Angle Seat Globe Valve provided by GEMU. These valves can withstand inert and corrosive liquids and gases for pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. GEMU offers both Manual and Pneumatically operated Angle Seat Globe Valves. Coupled with the high flow rates, these valves are unsurpassed with their performance and high cycle counts. The automated versions are available with a variety of modular control accessories.


Our Inventory of GEMU Angle Seat Globe Valves

Sentinel Process Systems distributes globe valves from industry-leading manufacturers. GEMU models 514, 550 and 554 feature the following characteristics to increase performance of manufacturing systems:


  • Various types of valve body connections
  • Low weight
  • Efficient flow capabilities
  • Steam control
  • Sterile hygienic processes
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for high working temperatures and pressures
  • High Cycle Counts
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low cost automated valve solution
  • Stainless pistons


Pharmaceutical and bioprocessing facilities mainly utilize angle seat globe valves solutions in steam control and waste water treatment. Taking advantage of the compact and light weight design, and the control aspects of the valve it can be used a in variety of sterile/hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Experts at Sentinel Process Systems can recommend the best fit for your manufacturing process after learning more about your facility. Contact Sentinel Process Systems for Plastic Diaphragm Globe Valves


Sentinel Process Systems offers innovative technologies and highly engineered products for customers in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing fields. We are committed to working with you and our partners to deliver solutions that make a positive impact on your operations. Fill out our contact form today for more information about our selection of GEMU globe valves.