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Single Use Valves (1)

Pharmaceutical companies must pay close attention to manufacturing procedures for the regulation of products and outputs. To avoid inefficiencies, and cross-contamination between runs, Single Use valve solutions help avoid the dangers of potentially toxic compounds.

Working with Sentinel Process Systems, businesses can discover single use control valves for unique applications. These devices enable operators, engineers, technicians and facility managers to swap out pieces of a system easily and efficiently. By not requiring lengthy cleaning and sterilization process, downtime is minimized.


What Are Single Use Control Valves?

Single use control valves are designed to cater to complex production and manufacturing systems for pharmaceutical companies. These products differ from long-term stainless steel builds by providing a disposable flow path connection. Single use control devices eliminate the need for constant cleaning between procedures and assemblies change out in a matter of seconds.


These products are available to accommodate a variety of tubing sizes and configurations for flexibility in the structure of existing systems. As safety requirements continue to increase for the pharmaceutical industry, single use valves help companies keep up. The use of single use systems benefit the industry by having high efficiency and simple maintenance, helping to reduce production costs.


Sentinel Process Systems will guide you to the right single use valves for assemblies based on your system requirements.


Our Inventory of Single Use Carten and Excaliber Valves

Suitable for pharmaceutical processes, the Carten and Excaliber single use valves are some of the only models on the market that can be changed out in just 10 seconds.


Carten and Excaliber's modular design platform supports custom setups for the following applications:

  • Single use processes
  • Manual process control
  •  Actuated control
  • Throttle flow control


Single Use Tube Assembly builds make  these  valves perfect for businesses looking to maximize outputs without the use of further tools or gaskets. The Carten and Excaliber single use valves operate by utilizing all tubing varieties and compounds, independent from batch to batch. Allowing for now physical break in the process lines and minimizing the chance of cross contamination. These valves can easily change from manual to automated operation with minimal disruption.


Get these additional benefits when incorporating  Carten and Excaliber into your manufacturing system:

  • Sturdy design
  • No draining/leaking
  • Available in all tubing sizes and variations
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Easy changeouts
  • Reduced downtime


Benefits of Single Use Diaphragm-Free Valves

Single use control valves are fast-functioning, cost-effective, reduce the chance of cross-contamination, and diminished downtimes between batches in facilities. These devices allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to shorten development timelines, bringing products to market faster.


Since equipment operators can change out pieces without the use of tools, facilities no longer have to rely on repair and maintenance services as often to continue production. Pharmaceutical professionals save time with single use systems, since disposable methods do not involve steam or chemical cleaning agents and validations from outside sources.


Contact Sentinel Process Systems for Single Use Process Control Valves

Sentinel Process Systems distributes single use control valves for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. We help you optimize your custom processes for desirable outputs. Fill out a contact form today for more information about single use control valves from Sentinel Process Systems.\