Solving Your Most Difficult Process Challenges

Offering High-Purity Gaskets, Silicone Hose, Silicone Tubing, Steam Traps, Diaphragm Valves & More

Since 1950 Sentinel Process Systems has been distributing high-purity solutions and solving process challenges for the clean manufacturing industry. From gaskets, silicone hose and silicone tubing to steam traps and diaphragm valves, we are here to assist you in solving all of your difficult process challenges. We provide you the best technologies from world-class manufacturers, coupled with the best in customer services to meet all of your production needs. Browse our catalog today!

Gaskets, Clamps, & Seals

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gaskets clamps seals
Sentinel offers FlowSmart’s BPE compliant gaskets in a variety of standard materials to fit our customer’s diverse sealing applications.

Silicone Hose & More

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silicone hose
Sentinel makes custom hose assemblies and partners with Ace Sanitary and New Age Industries to provide the right hose for the right process. We meet all of your hose needs from silicone hose to hose labeling and accessories.

Silicone Tubing & More

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silicone tubing
We offer a full line of silicone tubing, platinum tubing and weldable TPE tubing to cover all of your transfers.

Steam Traps & Steam Products

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steam trap
Sentinel represents both the Industrial and Biopharm market with its steam products. We proudly carry Nicholson’s steam trap line as they are renowned as high capacity products with low back-up.

Valves & Diaphragm Valves

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diaphragm valves
Whether sanitary, or industrial, Sentinel offers superior ball, butterfly, check, globe, plug, reactor outlet, sampling, solenoid, split bodied containment and diaphragm valves in all of the sizes you may require.

Process Instrumentation

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process instrumentation
We are capable of fulfilling most of your process instrumentation needs. We are proud to offer process sensors and all of the necessary accessories from Hamilton, Gemu Flow Meters, ReoTemp, and more.

Single Use Products

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single use products
Sentinel carries various single use products to help bring your facility into the next generation. Our range includes Flex Concepts disposable bio bags in a variety of styles, Flex Concepts mixing systems, Value Plastics process fittings, and more.

Process Fittings

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process fittings
FlowSmart offers all of the necessary clamps and fittings for any BPE Facility. Among their GRQ double-pin – single bolt clamps are their PolySource Clamps, Tabbed Orifice Face Clamps, and Plastic Clamps.

Process Equipment & Systems

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process equipment systems
Sentinel offers Process Equipment and Systems for filtering, evaporating, and sampling, plus numerous full reactor systems.

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